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Kindergarten Lottery FAQ's

  • How does the lottery work?
    1. Register at your neighborhood school
    2. Fill out a Rosedale application at the time of registration.
    3. The lottery will take place usually the 2nd or 3rd week of January.
    4. We will use a random lottery generator to assign spots.
    5. You will receive a letter telling you if you got into Rosedale, or if you have been placed on the waitlist.
  • Why can’t I register my student at Rosedale?
    • Only currently enrolled siblings are allowed to register at Rosedale, all other interested parents must register at their assigned School of Residence. Rosedale is a magnet school, which means we do not have a “neighborhood”. The only way to attend is to win the lottery.
  • What are my chances of getting in?
    • This varies from year to year based on the number of incoming siblings we have and the number of lottery entries. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what the odds are.
  • How long does my student stay on the waitlist?
    • Your student will remain on the waitlist through the first trimester of the first grade. Studies have shown that students have a much lower success rate in immersion after this point. Academically it would not be beneficial to begin an immersion program after the first trimester of first grade.
  • When will I be notified about the lottery?
    • The lottery date will change from year to year, but will generally be held the 2nd or 3rd Friday of January. Parents will be mailed a letter on this date, and if they opted for electronic communication, they will also receive an electronic copy.
  • How can I increase my chances of getting in?
    • Be sure to register on time and fill out a Rosedale application.
  • Does Rosedale have an after school program for kindergarten?
    • The answer is yes, but that program is operated by C.A.R.D. and they have limited spots available each year.

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